On May, 25th a used VW Caddy that I recently purchased was delivered to my apartment in Überlingen from Langenenslingen. Unfortunately, I was unable to drive the Nutzfahrzeug until July 6th, when I was finally able to pick up my German driver’s license from Friedrichshafen.

Diesel prices

The prices of diesel rose from 1,40 Euro to 1,60 Euro at the end of 2021. It slowly rose again leading up to the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the end of February. At that point it jumped to a high of 2,30 Euro before settling around 2,00 Euro during the summer.1 That included a 3-month fuel tax rebate in Germany that started June 1st.

Google Maps does have support for listing gas prices at stations in some countries, but does not list diesel.

Country Resource
Germany www.benzinpreis.de/karten.html
Germany www.clever-tanken.de
Austria map.arboe.at/tankstellen
Italy www.prezzibenzina.it