“In the Python way of thinking, explicit is better than implicit, and simple is better than complex.”
- Mark Lutz, Learning Python

>>> import this
Resource Progress Division
Dive Into Python 1 13/22 Sections
A comfortable introduction to Python with clear explanation that isn’t overly simplistic.
The [Official] Python Tutorial 6/14 Chapters
A thorough introduction to Python with constant examples. Best used as a supplement to another resource.
Learn Python the Hard Way, 2nd Edition 2 50/56 Exercises
An introduction to Python and some more general principles of computer science. The pace can be unnecessarily slow, but certainly appropriate for beginners of all abilities.
Programming Python 3 1/24 Chapters
Learning Python 4 2/29 Chapters
WikiBooks: Python Programming 0/55 Articles
A Bite of Python 0/21 Chapters
Google’s Python Class 0/8 Sections
Learning with Python 0/21 Chapters
CodingBat Python Code Practice 4/74 Problems

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