A list of books I have read or I am currently reading with appropriate links.1 Unless otherwise noted I own a copy of each book, which I am happy to lend.

  1. I am currently citing books using The Chicago Manual of Style, until I can find a way to integrate BibTeX into Liquid.↩︎

  2. I have an extra paperback advance proof of Lapsley’s “Exploding the Phone”↩︎

  3. “As much as anything else, the economic success of the Internet comes from its architecture. The architecture, and the competitive forces it assures, is the only interesting thing at stake in this battle over”network neutrality.” And yet, the most senior economic advisers in the White House don’t seem to know what that means. They could, if they took the time. Barbara Schewick’s extraordinary new book, “Internet Architecture and Innovation,” is perhaps the best explication of this point so far for those who should be studying these hard, new policy questions.” - Lawrence Lessig (NYT, 2010)↩︎