I am looking to purchase a fat bike to ride to work during the winter. Important factors when comparing fat bikes include the following:

Manufacturers include Sals, Otso, Pivot, Canyon, Specialized, Trek, 907 Bikes, Borealis, Felt, Cannondale, Fatback, Scott.

The local bike shops in Portland primarily carry Specialized, Trek and Norco, a Canadian company. They each sell a 1x bike with an aluminum frame and carbon fork.

Model Price Tire size Groupset Cassette
Trek Farley 5 $1900 27.5x4.5 Shimano Deore 11-41 10 speed
Specialized Fatboy $1920 26x4.6 SRAM NX 11-42 11 speed
Norco Sasquatch 1 $2100 26x4.8 SRAM NX Eagle 11-50 12 speed
Feature Farley Fatboy Norco
Horizontal dropouts
Rack mounts
Dropper post


They all appear to have 80mm rims, tapered head tubes (which should account for front suspension) and also have hydraulic brakes.

It is also worth considering if the BB shell is press fit or threaded. I know the Norco is threaded. It also seems to have the narrowest bottom bracket, which I assume is a good indicator of the stance width.


As recommended by a guy working at Allspeed, studded tires are certainly worth the extra few hundred dollars. And going tubeless is also a good idea more for the added tire flex than any weight savings.